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Aqua Reading Guide Strip


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Reading Guide products are designed to aid students and adults with the following difficulties: skipping words, skipping lines, reversing letters, transposing letters, losing your place, re-reading lines, squinting, concentration, comprehension, red/ watery eyes & reading fatigue. Easily track print through transparent tinted window. Each strip is 1.25"x7.25".

A great tool for any reader, young or old, who has a reading problem such as skipping words or lines, re-reading lines, transposing letters, losing concentration, getting headaches when they read, or reading too close to the page. It can also make reading a bit more "hands-on" for students who don't like to read. Basically, it's a plastic strip measuring 7" long, with a colorful, see-through "highlighting" strip in the middle. Place the see-through strip on the line you want to read, and the lines above and below are blocked off so you can focus. Slide it down the page as you read to maintain concentration. The strip is about 1.25" tall, with the highlighting strip making up less than a third of that. A handy, durable tool in several color options.