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Mesh Squishy Ball


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Squeeze them!
Squish them!
Watch as the neon coloured bubbles bulge out in your hands.
Totally weird and gross and a perfect way to relieve your stresses from the day.
Mildly bouncy, totally squishy and absolutely addictive these absurd stress balls mutate from colourful little rubber balls
into lumpy packages of joy by simply being squeezed.

These Mesh Squishy Balls have a black holed net surrounding them which the mysterious goo seeps and bulges through.
It's not only gross but perplexing as the colour that seeps through is different to the colour of the ball itself.
Grip and squeeze one of these unusually imaginative balls today!!

Please note they can pop if squeezed to hard

we take no responsibility for them being destroyed 

The balls are made of a soft rubber and come in four different colours:

Purple with pink inside
Green with orange inside
Orange with green inside
Blue with bright green inside

Product size: 6 cm

Recommended Ages: 5 years +

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