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Scatter Smite & Scattles Wood Throwing Game


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Scatter & Smite is an addictive tactical game suitable for all ages where players use their skill and judgement to knock over the twelve numbered wooden pins. The aim is to knock over the numbered wooden pins by tossing the wooden baton at the pins (the baton must be thrown underarm). If a pin or pins are knocked down the player scores the number on that pin or pins. Players get one throw per turn, their score is then recorded, then it is the next player’s turn. The pins are reset upright from where they fell! Players build up their score and the aim is to score exactly 50 points, the first person to do this wins. If a player goes above 50 they return to a score of 25 for their next turn.

This fantastic game is great to carry to the beach, park, backyard or bonding events with friends or family. Which brings a lot of competitive sides out of people, whether your watching or playing everyone is involved! It comes packed in a carry bag which is great for carrying and storing the game away once your finished playing. It is suitable for all ages 

Pin sizes are-12-15cm x 3.5cm

Contains- 1 carry bag plus 12 pins and 1 throwing stick and game rules