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Soft Play- Ball Pool / Pit


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Playing physical games such as this  ball pit gives children opportunities to develop confidence in managing movement challenges such as balancing, climbing, crawling, bending or stretching.
Children explore new ways to move, and learn how to control these movements safely in various spaces around them.
These confidences will grow as they join in these physical games that a range of climbing frames, walk boards and other associated products can provide the growing child.

Ball pits have been awakening people who are developmentally delayed/neurologically involved conditions. The balls massage the entire body, provide buoyant support, deep-pressure sensation and encourage relaxation. The visual, auditory and tactile sensory stimuli and the proprioceptive feedback build confidence and strengthen sensory motor skills.

For patients suffering neurologically related, functioning neglect i.e. stroke patients. The pit assists to develop gross motor skills and social interaction skills by providing visual and tactile feedback with our multi-sensory environment ball pits.

A GREAT addition to your sensory room/gym!
Made out of quality PVC/Vinyl and high density foam

190x10x50cm (long side)
90x10x50cm (short side)
190x90x5cm (floor )  

"The ball pits arrived today and I just wanted to let you know I’m really happy with the quality. They’re brilliant."