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Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen


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The Original Motorized Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen

The Original Motorized Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen
by Hart Toys - w/Interchangeable Ink -
is a battery operated vibrating pen that allows the creative writer to turn straight lines into a series of loops, circles, or curves, depending on how closely it is held to the writing surface.
It gives the user tactile stimulation and encourages appropriate grasp.
Occupational Therapists and Developmental Therapists love these with young writers. Great input as the pen wiggles but also has proprioceptive input as the pen itself is weighted!
Triangular in shape and weighted, this is a great tool for developing pen and pencil grasp. Outrageously fun curly-cue writing and drawing.
Designed for use by children with upper extremity fine motor disabilities.
Helps develop fine motor skills and dexterity.
Ideal for budding artists and anyone with difficulty writing or holding a writing tool. *Multicolor - Pen color is Seller's Choice/varies according to available stock.
*Includes 5 color refills.
*Uses a single AA battery (not included).