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How to Make an Outer Space Bedroom

Posted by Jack Wood on

How to Make an Outer Space Bedroom
  1. Ceiling. Paint the ceiling black or dark blue and attach plastic stars or star stickers that glow in the dark
  2. Walls. Paint your walls with chalkboard paint and use fluorescent chalk to make a changeable view from your imaginary spaceship windows. 
  3. Floor. A plain black or navy carpet gives the impression of floating in space. Rubber matting not only gives the illusion of walking a spaceship’s corridors, but also muffles sound and softens falls when kids are battling aliens or conquering new worlds. Cover wooden floors with throw rugs printed with planets or stars. Make sure to place non-skid pads underneath them to keep fearless explorers from suddenly defying gravity.
  4. Lighting Projector lighting is always the best
  5. Bedding spaceship design covering