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Body Sock/ Sensory Sack Button Style


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A body sock is a sensory-based tool used in occupational therapy sessions to provide proprioceptive and deep pressure input.

These types of input offer calming and organizing benefits to the participant. Made of Lycra, a body sock is a sack-like piece of stretchy fabric that covers the child’s entire body, with an opening for the head. It is likened to the idea of a sleeping bag, where one can climb completely inside. 

A body sock is portable, fun and can be used creatively!

Body socks are flexible in their use!

An occupational therapist can engage a client actively in a specific, therapeutically designed treatment activity; or it can be offered at home in a dramatic play area for dress-up.

Lightweight and easy to transport, it is great for therapists to have in their therapy “bag” of tricks, especially for home and school visits. A body sock has been used for clients with autism, who typically experience sensory processing difficulties. Today, there are many children without autism who struggle with sensory regulation that can benefit from using a body sock.