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Finger Spacer- Blue Two Finger


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The Two Finger Spacer is a tool for spacing between letters and words. The two finger allows for a more separated, distinct, and proportional spacing on the page. Additional uses include a tracking window, an arrow for directionality, transparency, highlights and clarifies black lettering while minimizing the white background of the page, and also has a ruled side for measuring or tracing a straight line.

One finger between words; two between sentences. Many handwriting programs teach this rule when students are just beginning to write. Once the lines get narrower, this rule no longer works. For the child who tends to crowd their words on a page, this little tool can be a big help. The small, flat, flexible plastic cards can even fit in a back pants pocket. The main part of the card is 3.5x2" and the finger(s) protrude about an inch past that. One finger is 3/8" wide, while 2 fingers are .75" wide. The green and blue is see-through (but frosted.) You could also use these as bookmarks or to keep your place as you read. ~ Sara